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1. What kind of siding do you use?
--We use treated wood siding, with a limited 25-years warranty

2. Why do you not include roof felt in the basic installation?
--Typically, our buildings are finished, including the roofing within one business day. This really eliminates the need for felt; but we would be glad to apply this for you if you choose for us to do so. Simply select that option!

3. Can you install on a slab?
--Yes…But, we ask that if the slab exists already, we would like to inspect it. If it doesn’t we ask that the person who will be pouring the slab contact us, in order that # 1, the slab will support our building and # 2, that we can warranty the building!

4. Is this a kit?
--No, our buildings are built stick by stick, on your site. The only components pre-fabricated will be the doors and rafters.

5. Can I buy this in kit form?
--Unfortunately, at this time we do not offer a type of kit.

6. How much is it installed?
--All prices that are given include installation.

7. What’s the time frame to have a building built?
--Approximately 1 week’s waiting period.

8. How long does it take to build the building?
--In most all cases, one (1) day, unless we are doing “major” custom work.

9. Do you build other sizes than what’s in your pamphlet or book?
--Yes, just call us at: (832) 267-4464 HOUSTON for the size of the building you are interested in.

10. How wide are the doors that come with the building?


11. How do you figure square footage on felt, upgrades on flooring….etc?
--All square footage is determined by length x width in floor space.

12. What if I just don’t understand all of this and I am not sure what I need to do?

--Simple. Just call us at: (832) 267-4464 HOUSTON.

 We will be glad to answer any of your questions or concerns and if needed, we will send someone out and go from there.)

NOTE: Prices do not include optional features, permits, zoning and setback advice and/or compliance, excavation, or leveling beyond 6”. Some displays show optional features. Roof felt is not required under most building codes, but is available for an additional cost. All content subject to change without notice. Products not available in all areas.