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General Storage Shed Information

The site location is very important, a minimum of 2' should be allowed on all sides.

Typically, building permits are not required for one of our wood storage buildings. Although if any local government requires a permit, it is the customer's responsibility to obtain it. Our installer's do not assist in obtaining zoning variances, or do subdivision covenant searches.

If required, permit and plot plan must be done prior to the start of building.

If the customer chooses footing and/or slab work, it must be completed 48 hours before the installation date, since our installers do not do this work nor excavating or clearing. 

The customer must make arrangements for the site to be level within 6" before the installation date. 

The customer must have an electrical outlet available within 100 feet in order to build the unit. If this is not available, the buyer is required to rent one.

**FYI** the roof on a storage building is constructed, typically in one day, using ½" wafer board or CDX plywood (optional) with #1 grade 25-year, 3-tab shingles.

Texas Affordable Sheds will contact the customer within (4) working days to set a date for installation or site inspection if needed.

No work will be done on legal holidays.

For any additional information regarding installation and/or processing questions, please contact us: (832) 267-4464

NOTE: Prices do not include optional features, permits, zoning and setback advice and/or compliance, excavation, or leveling beyond 6”. Some displays show optional features. All content subject to change without notice. Products not available in all areas.